Saturday, 24 November 2012

welcome welcome

Hallllllllllllllllllllo everybody! This is my first ever blog (how exciting :o) and as this is my first ever post I thought I may as well say a little bit about what I will be blogging about. Sooo I finally decided to make a blog (with much help from my friend as I am hopeless) dedicated to all things crafty, alternative, plus size and feline. I love making everything from hair flowers to clothes and would love to show other people how to get crafty and make little unique pieces of this and that! hmmm the second thing I am hoping to blog about is all things alternative from tattoos and decor to fashion and beauty. Finally my last mission of the day is to write a little bit about my plus size adventures as I am sure every plus size girl will admit that being plus size and alternative is not always easy as finding clothes can be like a treck through middle earth BUT over the years I have managed  to find some great clothing shops and stockists for the curvy lovely. SO... if you are nice enough to tune in then I'll try my best to keep everything upbeat, fun and useful if I can haha . Expect alot of nonsense with my cat the great Ricky-Bobby, ahhh life would be nothing without a cat or 8.

xxxxx Enjoy


  1. YAY!

    Lavely blogs for you to follow!


  2. OH! And Rai from Blargle Fargle is awesome too! xxx