Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pale girl problems. Finding a foundation to suit you!

So like many other pale girls out there I have spend a number of years trawling the shelf's of beauty stores to find a foundation pale enough for my skin. I have the problem of being pale AND having combination skin and I found that some of the foundations I used where to dark and gave me the dreaded "orange jaw line" or I would find a colour match but it was unsuitable for my skin and cause it to be overly dry or overly oily. NOT A GOOD LOOK. I also found that some of the paler foundations cause any blemishes in my skin to show through ten fold and I end up looking like an extra from " the walking dead". I had some success with a "benefit" foundation but in true benefit fashion it was.....discontinued -_-. My husband actually bought me a foundation to try on a whim after his sister recommended it to him (for me hah). I decided to give it a go and I can tell you I was not disappointed! The foundation is by "Soap and Glory" called "show good face" and comes in 6 shades. I am currently using "the fairest of them all" which is the lightest shade they offer.
I am old school so I don't use a brush to apply my foundation but instead use my hand (I know, naughty naughty) but the foundation apply's very evenly, blends nicely and leaves a nice silky feeling, not the horrible "matt" feeling you can get with foundations. It covered my blemishes nicely and I found it reduced some of the oily quality in my skin but didn't dry it out. It is also a lovely base to apply powder (which I do) and looks good with a pale pink blusher. I work 9 hours a day so it was important that it did not melt off half way through the day. I didn't have to re-apply the foundation during the day and even when it is hot it does not migrate down my face like a sad avalanche. One of the best things about this product apart from its look on the skin is that it is 100% affordable and you can pick it up from most boots stores over the country. I don't believe in apply fake tan etc, not that other woman don't look good with it but its just not for me. This product is a fantastic foundation at a great price that lasts and does exactly what it claims to do!
Embrace your inner vampire!


  1. I had no idea Soap and Glory did foundation! Sounds awesome x

  2. apart from my spelling errors (bad laptop)! it is a REALLY good buy