Monday, 9 December 2013

Wildcat Body jewellery review!

So I have been away for what seems like forever due to SOOO many things!
New job, New shop, yet MORE cats and many other things that have changed since last year and unfortunately blogging had fallen by the way side BUT I am back and readier than ever to be opinionated about things hah!
So As a body piercer I wanted to do a little review on Wild cat body jewellery for a number of reasons. I always want my customers to get the best out of their piercing experience and high quality jewellery makes every difference. Now, I normally order my jewellery from "" , its great priced, amazing quality and the staff are great to deal with BUT of recent I have seen companies like "wildcat" coming more and more to the fore front of the piercing community because they offer a great variety of different products. Variety is the spice of life and I like spice so I thought "I'm having me some of that"! I trotted off on a windy autumn day to see a friend and body piercer who just so happened to stock a range of wildcat jewellery, while I was in the studio I decided to treat myself to some new facial bling! So I purchased 2 horseshoes (1.6 x 10mm), 4 labret balls with pink gems in "injecto black" and a large piece of garish jewellery for my husbands long suffering P/A piercing. I was given a half price discount and even then the jewellery was EXPENSIVE to say the least but who am I to price other peoples merchandise. I also made a point of checking that the labret balls would fit my current jewellery which I was told they would (and I checked the catalogue to make sure they would thread onto my 1.2 labrets, because I'm suspicious like that hah). I got home and I changed all my jewellery over for a face of new shiny injecto black, pink gem goodness and I was happy, the kind of happy that every pierced person feels when they refurbish their hardware! Two days into my jewellery overhaul one of the pink gems comes out of my labret. I wasn't overly bothered and sometimes you do just get one in the batch that has a little rogue gem that's trying to escape. I continued plodding along having changed over the little gem ball for a plain injecto black ball until around a week later when I woke up and found another TWO little gems on the pillow beside me. Now I do move about in my sleep but I definitely had not moved enough to warrant yet more gem casualties. I got into the studio in the morning and reluctantly changed over more jewellery to plain injecto black with a saddening lack of gem goodness. Now at this point I am pretty miffed having paid the income of a small country for some cute pink face adornment that had bailed out on me. I didn't think anything more of it and 2 weeks later I was piercing a customers nose when I heard  the dreaded "tink" on the laminate floor which only comes from jewellery on a kamikaze mission away from the body. This time I had lost one of the balls off my septum ring and had made the decision to give up and change all of the jewellery back over to my original standard unamazing titanium. I never bothered to contact the other studio back to complain because well... he didn't make the jewellery, however I have no problem in telling you that the next time I see that body piercer I will make a point of saying a foul word under my breath.........and far away from them (he's a scary guy). To sum up my experience with Wildcat jewellery I would say that although the jewellery was gorgeous it was not of the hard wearing, high quality standard that I am used to and I am not being a snob in saying that but I have had jewellery from many companies and Wild cat is the only wholesaler that I can whole heartedly say I would NEVER order from. Now I can only speak from my own personal experience but for me the jewellery was substandard, the threads (although converted to metric) did not wind well on the labrets, the gems where not secure and the whole experience was expensive and disappointing. Sorry for any of you Wild cat fans but I will be sticking with my usual supplier and keeping my jewellery securely on my face and out of my customers lap!

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