Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The BIG colour change

So like most alternative people I change my hair about 10 times a year. I am constantly shaving and adding bits and primping and crimping and the dying....oh the dying. Unfortunately for me I suffer from a thyroid condition that causes my hair to be dry and brittle which had become a real problem seen as I like to change my hair colour more often than I change my socks! (I joke). I have always loved vibrant colours and so I have been dying my hair every few months from pink to blue to red, to orange to yellow etc and as you can imagine my hair was beginning to resemble straw and had that dreaded  stringy texture that all peroxide users fear. Now one of my friends is a hair dresser and she gave me some advice that I decided to take! Now for stripping my hair I have tried alllllllll manor of things including colour b4, toners, silver shampoo, fairy liquid and I have had minimal success. For me personally the only product that lifts colour is bleach. The advice my friend gave me was to use 9 % peroxide instead of my usual 12%. I must admit that I had no idea peroxide came in different percentages but apparently it does! I have a salon services card so I headed down to sally's and picked up my 9% bleach and a shampoo and condition that my friend had recommended. I cannot recommend the shampoo and conditioner ENOUGH. If you have damaged hair this is a product that genuinely works. I have had hot oils and hair masks and tried so many different products but so far this is the only one I have found to really repair the hair after peroxide and dying. The product I used and have continued to use is "TIGI BED HEAD, RESURRECTION". Its fab and I'm still using it.
I got all the products I used at Sally's BUT I know you can buy most of this at your hair dressers or online. The hair colour I started with was a bright orange before I applied the peroxide.
So I started with mixing my peroxide up as per the instructions provided on the box and applying it to my hair (which was all sectioned and pinned up). I would be lying if I said I did it myself, actually my glamorous assistant did it for me. So she brushed the peroxide mix over sections of my hair and then wrapped it in foils. It actually wasn't as time consuming as I thought it would be. I left my peroxide on for 1 hour and washed it out thoroughly. We then blow dried my hair (I've always felt that hair dye best takes to the hair when its dry). I then used Directions hair dye in "apple green". I used 2 tubs and my hair is shoulder length so make sure you have plenty as it does not go as far as your regular hair dye.
I kept the apple green in for 1 hour and when I washed it all out it was a GLORIOUS bright green and just what I had wanted!! I will also make a point of saying I have tried other greens but I found that directions applied best and was the truest to the colour shown in the websites pictures. Now I didn't intend for this post to be an instructional post on "how to dye your hair" as I know we all are aware how to colour our mops. I rather meant to review a few products that I have found amazingly helpful, having the problems I have with my hair.
The 9% peroxide was infinitely kinder to my hair than my regular 12%, The TIGI shampoo and condition have made a HUGE difference to my hair (I have now been using that product for 2 months) and I am delighted. The directions hair dye was the best green I have used so far, it didn't damage my hair, it left it soft with no breaking or horrid stringiness.
A LITTLE TIP: I added some of the left over apple green dye to my conditioner, because the dye is semi permanent I felt that it can wash out to quickly BUT when I add it to conditioner and leave my conditioner in for 10 minutes before I wash it out, it adds another little colour boost to my hair every time I wash it.

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